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Ultimately, when businesses hire Salesforce developer experts, it allows them to understand and connect with their customers at a more in-depth level and effectively grow their customer base.

At sftalents.com, we help businesses, big and small, find the perfect Salesforce services and hire Salesforce developers. We have extensive experience in finding the best and most professional Salesforce commerce cloud developers and Salesforce integration consultant experts. With us, you can easily outsource these experts, saving you valuable time and money.

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Expert Salesforce Solutions for Your Business

The main goal behind Salesforce is to deliver inexpensive customer relationship manager (CRM) software as an online service. Before Salesforce was developed, most businesses hosted CRM software on their servers or simply used local resources, which required a lot of time and money.

Salesforce provides a pay-as-you-go option and places all the data in the cloud, making it easily accessible from any device with an internet connection.

What makes Salesforce so popular is that it has a diverse infrastructure of software tools designed to help teams from a large variety of industries, including sales, marketing, IT, customer service, and commerce, effectively connect with their customers. It provides helpful insights into the behavior of customers and their needs through customer data analysis. By overcoming the gap between data available from different departments, Salesforce offers a holistic perspective of every customer interaction with a business.

Salesforce Professionals

Types of Salesforce Consultants You Can Hire with SF Talents

Sales Cloud

The best Salesforce consultants help organizations sell smarter and more efficiently by centralizing customer data, logging interactions, enabling collaboration across teams, and automating different tasks. They help to put all customer and prospective customer information in one place and help sales teams be more productive.

Marketing Cloud

The top Salesforce consultants connect businesses with every customer interaction and experience across many different channels. These Salesforce marketing Cloud consultants make it easy to control the flow of messaging, respond to customer actions, and uncover useful insights to grow businesses.

Analytics Cloud

Salesforce integration consultants offer robust cloud-based analytical solutions that accelerate exploring and analyzing large volumes of data. They use Salesforce Analytics Cloud which is powered by Tableau and Einstein Analytics tools. These Salesforce implementation consultants can also help businesses identify trends, enhance efficiency and comprehend the logic behind their data.

IoT Cloud

Remote Salesforce consultants help businesses to effectively capitalize on the different IoT technology tools and solutions available. This way, these Salesforce Service Cloud consultants effectively link technology, businesses and customers through a holistic business model.

App Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud consultants use Salesforce App Cloud, with its collection of feature-rich development tools, to provide the solutions required to quickly and easily create secure, robust, and scalable enterprise-grade apps intuitively to enhance and optimize business processes without ever writing a single line of code.

Service Cloud

Salesforce development consultants are experts that help businesses to integrate their customer service with different social networks and provide an easy-to-use self-service customer portal and powerful knowledge base system.


Tasks Salesforce Consultants Can Tackle

Salesforce integration consultants and developers have vast experience in Salesforce tools and how to apply them to your business to make your process easier and more effective. There are various tasks Saleforce integration consultants can advise you on such as integrating the Salesforce tools with your business structure and customizing the tools to become a better fit for your business.
Let’s explore some of the most common tasks sale force integration consultants will assist your business with:


Each business has different and unique needs. Therefore, the certified Salesforce consultants will have to customize certain aspects of the Salesforce platform to fulfill your business needs.

Cloud Setup

Setting up the Cloud with Salesforce CRM consultants involves several steps, including setting up your user accounts, connecting to the service cloud, etc.

APIs integrations

The expert Salesforce marketing automation consultants integrate Salesforce's interface and functions into your applications and business systems to ensure flawless workflow.

SF implementation

Here, the Salesforce CPQ consultants define the stakeholders and your business' high-level goals. This will help the consultant to start implementing Salesforce to suit your business needs.

Analytics and Reporting

Another important part of the process is to get reporting and analytics from your system. Experienced Salesforce certified consultants can provide you with in-depth detail in the format you want.


This crucial step involves Salesforce AppExchange consultants integrating your databases and processes with the Salesforce platform. The key is to have a flawless system that operates efficiently.

Important Technologies


Salesforce Technologies Consultants Should Know

The main goal behind Salesforce is to deliver inexpensive customer relationship manager (CRM) software as an online service. Before Salesforce was developed, most businesses hosted CRM software on their servers or simply used local resources, which required a lot of time and money.

Salesforce CPQ

Short for Configure, Price and Quote. This is a sales tool to ensure your clients can obtain accurate pricing for any of your products or services.

Salesforce Appexchange

This is the world leader in business apps. Your consultant should have in-depth knowledge and experience in Appexchange, given it is the marketplace where you can search for and install add-ons for your Salesforce system.


Slack is a well-known and widely-used messaging app. Many businesses around the globe use this app as an effective communication tool.


This software will use all the data from Salesforce and convert it into graphs and data sets that can be easily analyzed. Integrating this into Salesforce is valuable and provides data analytics to all the relevant parties.


Mulesoft is the software that automates all your business activities on Salesforce and can be governed and monitored by your IT team. It uses RPA bots to automate any task you need.

Einstein AI

A world first, using AI to customize Salesforce in that every employee and customer’s experience is personalized. This is the future of CRM.

Our Solutions

Industries We Are Experienced In

Almost all industries in every sector can benefit from using Salesforce and aiming to hire Salesforce consultants. Check out some of the industries we have experience in:

Automotive Industry

When you hire dedicated Salesforce developer experts, you can automate the sales process. Paperwork during the sales process is always a drag and by transferring the customer's info straight from the OEM to the dealership you can avoid all the manual filing of paperwork and finalize the sales process quicker.


Transform your business and all its operating systems when you hire Salesforce lightning developer experts. With this solution, you can streamline the quote-to-order process, enhance time to market, and promote seamless experiences.


When you hire Salesforce marketing cloud developer experts, you can automate certain tasks and put your healthcare customers at the center of your healthcare facility or life sciences business to drive outcomes and, ultimately, reduce costs.

Financial Services

When you hire remote Salesforce developer experts, they can accelerate digital processes across your front, middle, and back office and put your customers at the center of everything. This way, you can build customer trust and increase employee productivity.

Education Industry

When you hire Salesforce Sales Cloud developer experts, they use Salesforce and applications such as Slack to help educational institutions create digital campuses, which not only makes it possible for students to enjoy their tertiary education online but also attracts students from further away.


Few industries exist where accurate real-time communication and updates are needed as much as in the travel industry. When you hire remote Salesforce developers, they can help you effectively communicate with staff and customers, ensuring everyone stays updated all the time.

Parther with the Best

SF Talents Cooperation Models

Because we understand that no two businesses are the same, we specialize in two different cooperation models to hire developers Salesforce experts. This way, you can choose the Salesforce developers to hire solution that best suit your business needs.


Salesforce Developer

This solution is ideal for businesses that have a smaller or shorter Salesforce project and require to hire dedicated Salesforce developer only for a certain period. This scalable and flexible solution allows you access to hire Salesforce lightning developers without having to pay for time when work is no longer required.


Salesforce Developer

For bigger and long-term Salesforce projects, this solution to hire Salesforce API developers is ideal. With this solution, you get access to dedicated Salesforce developer for hire who join your full-time team to work on one big or several smaller tasks and projects.

How to Hire a Salesforce Specialist with SF Talents

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Next, you get to interview selected Salesforce developers for hire and find your perfect match to join your team and work on your project.

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